Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tranquility spell

This is a spell I wrote last night, I had been looking for a good spell for tranquility online but could not find any. I lost all my Wiccan books in my last move, so I decided to create this blog based on that. And now I wrote a spell to calm the spirits and promote relaxation in one's life. Since there were no good, free, resources online I decided to create this blog and begin to post these spells to share in kind all things magickal that I could to help other witches and those seeking the wisdom of the goddesses and god. So here it is, you should feel free to edit it and personalize it. For instance adding a verse near the end that deals with your particular issue would make i stronger, and another for the place the problem is at, or another for the way things were before he problem began, or the ideal way things should be, basically how you wish the harmony to be. Doing so will center you and allow your circle to grow larger and have a stronger effect when you are casting. For very serious problems I suggest you cast this spell more frequently and as part of a larger plan to improve the situation, always keeping these words in mind. And one last thing, I picked animals from the air, sea, sky, and spirit (dragonfly or another insect) that live in my area. You should ask your wild friends from where you live if the creatures among you don't match up. Also if you don't live near the sea, pick a water animal from your closest lake, or creek, or ice. For creatures of fire pick that you identify strongly with or pick a favorite from any place. I picked the wildcat here because there are many in the area and are powerful in the folklore here. Here is the spell:

Tranquility spell by Witch Troy
Nov 20, 2011

I invoke the love of the horned god
Blessed be all ladies three

From the east may the heart not beast
With the west may the mind rest
I call the north for relaxation to come forth
Calm the mouth upon the south
Blessed be all ladies three

I ask the crone for wisdom to loan
May the lady leave my troubles shaken
Will the maiden make my problems forsaken
Blessed be all ladies three

I ask the water to wash tranquility over to me
I ask the wind the blow my sorrows away
I ask the earth to scare my curse
I ask the fire to burn away my pain today
I ask the spirit to carry joy my way
Blessed be all ladies three

My friend the deer good will you steer?
My friend the bat will you send me peace?
My friend the otter will you cry for my sanity?
My friend the dragonfly will you lend me luck?
My friend the wildcat carry me some love?
Blessed be all ladies three

Moon and sun
Clouds and rain
Soil and rocks
Water and steam
Neighbors and enemies
I ask for peace from whence it comes
In perfect love and perfect trust
Blessed be