Sunday, December 18, 2011

Trojan Wicca on Twitter and a quick little Wiccan spell

Good afternoon and good day. I have been tweeting quick spells, advice, and exchanges on twitter for a while now and thought that since I send people this way from there I should send people to twitter from here.

A quick spell
You can tell
Not too much litter
Just see me on twitter
On long days
In cities by bays
Life can be hell
But make your problems away swell
With a few fast words
Your problems away will towards

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Overcoming a failure

Today I failed an important test
I will have a chance to take it over
I am so grateful to life for having that as an option

I found that this spell I wrote will help me concentrate a bit
It is short and sweet, just like the small amount of time
That I can risk to being distracted

Here we go:

I cast this circle thrice about
In perfect love and perfect trust

I see the fire of the phoenix
I take her heat to use on my feats

I see the siren in water
She helps so that I can stop my thoughts’ wander

My dear Apollo in the sky
When my mind is hollow he helps me get by

Sweet Mother Gaia made of earth
Heal me she will of every curse

When I have failed and need to work
I call my spirit to help me be first

My simple offering is of peace
My simple needs are to increase
My concentration of my mind
So that with love I can bind

I ask the goddess in this rhyme
To help me forward at this time

Blessed be

Monday, November 28, 2011

Some old advice, some new advice

These were some of the words of wisdom offered by George Washington Carver and they seem very Wiccanlike, very fair, I especially like the highlighted ones. Also this man was born a slave and died a doctor, wouldn't it be great if we all learned to appreciate how easy we really have it and make our dreams come true and live and let live. This makes me also want to do a peanut/sweet potato spell in his honor.
  • Be clean both inside and out.
  • Neither look up to the rich nor down on the poor.
  • Lose, if need be, without squealing.
  • Win without bragging.
  • Always be considerate of women, children, and older people.
  • Be too brave to lie.
  • Be too generous to cheat.
  • Take your share of the world and let others take theirs.
Happy thanksgiving, and remember to stay true to the spirit of Yule. Make your own cards, give practical gifts that are useful and desired, give your time and your heart, give in as many ways as you can. And if you have never given your coat away to a street person, never bought extra food at a restaurant or market for the beggar outside and feel bad you have never done so but you think it, don't feel bad, do it, they will feel so very greatful and will give you such cheer with their grattitude. A helpful tip, nothing too hard to chew, many of our neighbors that live on the street have bad teeth, no teeth, fake teeth, pained teeth, so a soft sandwich, yogurt, a gatorade, an ensure, a banana, a dollar burger with dollar fries, are all very affordable and easy to give to our less fortunate friends. Get this, did you know you can improve your health by keeping a "grattitude journal"? It's true, if you spend $1 on a notebook at Target and write a few sentences such as "I had food today, isn't that great I don't go hungry? There is a bus that takes me to where I need to go and I have enough money for it. I can speak English and was born a citizen of this country, which makes things like getting a driver's license or walking around without fear of being sent to a horrible third world country impossible and I will never have to worry about that."  Just something as simple as that was found to kill your depression and give you a substantial immune system boost! Happy Yule everywitch.

For a lot more on George Washington Carver check out this article on wikipedia.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tranquility spell

This is a spell I wrote last night, I had been looking for a good spell for tranquility online but could not find any. I lost all my Wiccan books in my last move, so I decided to create this blog based on that. And now I wrote a spell to calm the spirits and promote relaxation in one's life. Since there were no good, free, resources online I decided to create this blog and begin to post these spells to share in kind all things magickal that I could to help other witches and those seeking the wisdom of the goddesses and god. So here it is, you should feel free to edit it and personalize it. For instance adding a verse near the end that deals with your particular issue would make i stronger, and another for the place the problem is at, or another for the way things were before he problem began, or the ideal way things should be, basically how you wish the harmony to be. Doing so will center you and allow your circle to grow larger and have a stronger effect when you are casting. For very serious problems I suggest you cast this spell more frequently and as part of a larger plan to improve the situation, always keeping these words in mind. And one last thing, I picked animals from the air, sea, sky, and spirit (dragonfly or another insect) that live in my area. You should ask your wild friends from where you live if the creatures among you don't match up. Also if you don't live near the sea, pick a water animal from your closest lake, or creek, or ice. For creatures of fire pick that you identify strongly with or pick a favorite from any place. I picked the wildcat here because there are many in the area and are powerful in the folklore here. Here is the spell:

Tranquility spell by Witch Troy
Nov 20, 2011

I invoke the love of the horned god
Blessed be all ladies three

From the east may the heart not beast
With the west may the mind rest
I call the north for relaxation to come forth
Calm the mouth upon the south
Blessed be all ladies three

I ask the crone for wisdom to loan
May the lady leave my troubles shaken
Will the maiden make my problems forsaken
Blessed be all ladies three

I ask the water to wash tranquility over to me
I ask the wind the blow my sorrows away
I ask the earth to scare my curse
I ask the fire to burn away my pain today
I ask the spirit to carry joy my way
Blessed be all ladies three

My friend the deer good will you steer?
My friend the bat will you send me peace?
My friend the otter will you cry for my sanity?
My friend the dragonfly will you lend me luck?
My friend the wildcat carry me some love?
Blessed be all ladies three

Moon and sun
Clouds and rain
Soil and rocks
Water and steam
Neighbors and enemies
I ask for peace from whence it comes
In perfect love and perfect trust
Blessed be

Welcome to the Trojan Circle

I have been practicing Wicca for the last ten years and have found it is very hard to find Wiccan resources online. The best sources remain books, but they are hard to come by and make it hard for some stay being a solitary practitioner in secrecy. I have decided to come out of the broom closet and would like to help other Wiccans develop themselves so I will be sharing advice, stories, spells, and lessons for free. My name is Witch Troy and I have been influences by many traditions, but overall I believe I follow a very back to basics, free loving, naturalistic form of Wicca, which I call Trojan Wicca. Wicca is about the search for perfect love and perfect trust. This journey begins in one's own heart and conscientious, which are what the spirit is. A true Wiccan can be considered, religious, or nontheist. It doesn't really matter because spirituality in Trojan Wicca is not based the existence or belief in the three ladies and horned god, but rather one's own heart and mind. That is what spirit is. It should be the goal of every Wiccan to harm none and do as he or she will. However there is no harm in wishing harm directed at you from others back unto the person who wished it. To seek out perfect love and perfect trust, we must promote peace and fellowship among all. We should also encourage others to walk on the path to the circle so that they may share in our peaceful love. We must seek out to protect our temple body, and out temple earth, and our temple spirit. We should reach out to one another to become closer to the goddess' beautiful natural word in friendship and love so that we may share and seek out happiness. From north, to south, from each and west, blessed be, come follow the path to tranquility. I bid you welcome to the craft.