Thursday, December 8, 2011

Overcoming a failure

Today I failed an important test
I will have a chance to take it over
I am so grateful to life for having that as an option

I found that this spell I wrote will help me concentrate a bit
It is short and sweet, just like the small amount of time
That I can risk to being distracted

Here we go:

I cast this circle thrice about
In perfect love and perfect trust

I see the fire of the phoenix
I take her heat to use on my feats

I see the siren in water
She helps so that I can stop my thoughts’ wander

My dear Apollo in the sky
When my mind is hollow he helps me get by

Sweet Mother Gaia made of earth
Heal me she will of every curse

When I have failed and need to work
I call my spirit to help me be first

My simple offering is of peace
My simple needs are to increase
My concentration of my mind
So that with love I can bind

I ask the goddess in this rhyme
To help me forward at this time

Blessed be

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  1. Just wandered onto your journal after googling Wiccan spells & history & I want to say your blog is awesome & makes me smile, thank you :)